COHORT COURSE DATES: DEC 29, 2022 - JAN 26, 20232

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- This is a 4-week guided online course with live virtual sessions.
- You will proceed through the online course at your own convenience and meet with ATA Staff and subject matter experts each Thursday.
- All online education and training sessions will be taught in English.
- All live sessions will be held on Thursdays 6pm - 7pm Eastern Time. Sessions will be recorded and provided for later viewing if you cannot attend.
- Live sessions are not required for completion of the course but are highly encouraged for maximum understanding of the coursework.


  • Kickoff Meeting: Thursday DEC 29 @ 6pm Eastern Time
  • WEEK #1 Session: Thursday JAN 5 @ 6pm Eastern Time
  • WEEK #2 Session: Thursday JAN 12 @ 6pm Eastern Time
  • WEEK #3 Session: Thursday JAN 19 @ 6pm Eastern Time
  • WEEK #4 Session: Thursday JAN 26 @ 6pm Eastern Time

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